Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lisa's Creations

I really must show you July's guest designer, Lisa's great creations she made with the Jet Set embellishment kit! If you are a fan of The Make and Create shop on Facebook you may have already had a sneak preview!
Everything apart from the red letter stickers on this layout is all from the kit! How good does the red paint look?! Lisa even used the punched cardboard square from the kit to make the pattern with the paint!
Lisa just added a bit of die cut paper and red letters for this layout, the rest is all from the kit! This layout hasn't got a travel theme, the colours of the kit just so happened to match her daughters outfit for the 4th July!! It good to see the kit can be used for other themes too!
Notice the punched cardboard square that she used for the red paint on the first layout, on this layout?!
I love what Lisa did with the tag, she handstitched around it with the thread! And Lisa even made her own lovely flower using the blue ribbon from the kit. 
Thank you Lisa for your great work, I love what you did with the kit!
You can find the kit in the shop here.
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  1. I loved the Jet Set Kit, thank you.
    Here's what I did with it.
    Sue x


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