Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Little Experiment

This month I'm going to have a little experiment! I have got a 'Golden Leaves' half kit available for you! I have put together a special kit using the same bits and pieces from the normal kit but I've just put less in it!

The kit looks like this...
You get in the this kit:
3, 16'' lenghts of ribbon or trim
1 16''lenght of brown lace
1, 16'' lenght of hessian tape
6''x12'' piece of brown crepe paper
6''x12'' deep red tissue paper
3''x12'' deep red net
4 unique journaling spots
2 unique hand made flower embellishments
3 flowers
6 leaves, in 3 different colours
1 skeleton leave
1 felt tree
5 buttons
a 1 metre lenght of deep red thread
1 bow
gold wire
2 small piles of gems or sequins

And all that is available to you for the bargain price of  £4.00
**The button to buy this kit is in the bar on the right hand side** 

You better grab yourself one so you can create lovely autumn layouts like my guest designer, Tessa did with this layout here.

Go on treat yourself!


  1. Wow Tessa what a beautiful layout! just beautiful......see what a wonderful kit and a talented scrapper can do LOL!!!

  2. I love the half-kit idea, Anna! I get paid Friday, fingers crossed you'll have some left! :)

    Tessa's Layout is GORGEOUS. The title is fantastic!

  3. I love the look of this kit. Love it!! Agree, Tessa's layout is gorgeous x

  4. Adorable kit Anna - for a half kit, there sure is a lot of material to work with!
    That layout by Tessa is gorgeous!


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